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Donation checklist

Simple guideline to donate wisely to an orphanage in India.

First get your bearings right.

Ask these simple questions.

Why do you want to donate?
What do you want to donate?
What kind of orphanage do you want to donate?
Do you want that orphanage to have a religious faith attached?
Do you want to donate to an orphanage confidentially?


Ok you have decided to donate? Now what?

Identify what kind of orphanage you would like to help with.

If the organization is faith based, ask to see its official listing in a directory for its denomination.
Are you looking for a tax rebate?
Are you looking for confidential donations?
Are you looking for an orphanage which protects your privacy and does not pester you with repeate donors?
Search the iON database to find orphanages that meet your criteria.
Focus on the orphanages history and mission.
Look at each orphanage's description in the iON database and urgent needs posted by the orphange.
Be sure to compare charities that do the same kind of work, especially if you're looking at their finances. The type of work

a charity does can affect its operating costs dramatically.
If you still have doubts about a charity, don't contribute to it. Instead, find another nonprofit that does the same kind of

work and with which you feel comfortable, then make your donation.


Donor's DO's and DON'ts


Please research about that orphanage in advance.
Verify an orphanage legal standing.
If the charity is not on the verified list, ask us for a letter of appreciation and we will respond ASAP
Develop a regular contact with the orphanage and maintain a relationship.
Seek for progress updates and escalate to iON Team if you find a faulty or fake orphanage.


Give without even knowing where that money is going.
Donate to an orphanage which employs expensive staff.
Donate to an orphanage which is not willing to be transparent about your donation.
Avoid charities to the extent possible.
Avoid orphanages which use forces you to donate.

Over and Above all this, please go by your conscience and gut feel. Your instincts will scream at you.

We are currently setting up a site of verified orphanages. We recommend to donate "only" to those orphanages which are listed

under the registered and verified section. Please look through them and donote to one of these orphanages.



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