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Are you an Volunteer? Do you have any questions?

Here are answers to questions which people ask us regularly.

Q: How to determine whether an orphanage is genuine?

A: The simplest way visit the orphanage. If you do not have th chance to visit the orphanage yourself, please see if you have friends visiting that part of the city where the orphanage is located. Ask them for help. Remember, your opinions are more important than what the orphanage thinks about itself. If you wish to post anonymously about an orphanage, please feel free to use our discussion boards and we will translate that information to our webpage. We monitor our discussion boards everyday.

Q: Will my contribution make a difference?

A: Contribution both financial and spiritual and kind all of them make a difference. This is one area of humanity where race/color/creed/size does not matter. Your contribution however small it maybe makes a hugh impact on others who are visiting our site iON for a review of a particular orphanage.

Q: What percentage of donations goes to the final beneficiaries?

A: 100% wherever it is possible. If not 100%, the expenditure is always accounted for properly

Q: Will I be pestered again and again if I donate/volunteer?

A: Simple answer = No. But we would really appreciate you being a continous patron of our network.

Q: I come from a place in India where Internet acess is not very good. How can I still help you?

A: Please let us know your phone numbers and time to contact you and one of our volunteers will contact you to gather all information and will update us with the information you wish to specify. Remember, information however small it is, is indeed powerful when networked with other information.

Q: I go to school and I don't have time, but I want to help. What is your advise?

A: Thats a good question. Infact this is a question and situation all of us are in always. No one has time but still we want to contribute to the good things around us. Contributing to iON is not just via regular activity on this site. For example, you could speak to your friends about iON and ask them to further pass the word around to your parents to collect information about orphanages. You could create a poster in your school notice board and ask people to logon to our website if they have any information about any orphanages in your town/city/village. You could be our brand ambassadors to your local cities or villages. The opportunities to network are enormous and unbound. If you need any advise please how to contribute to iON please send us an email or post in the relavant section of the discussion board and we will respond ASAP.

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