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About iON

What is iON?

iON - Indian Orphanages Network, India's premier and comprehensive listing of all orphanages across the country, divided by regions. This website also features complete information of the individual orphanages listed in this website with list of all the projects, and volunteer work projects available in these orphanages. ION works as an independent and non-profit-organization or not-for-profit, aimed at creating a network of all orphanages available in India and provide visitors and member of our website regular updates of philanthropic activities currently active in India. We also evaluate the orphanages time to time.

Why did we create iON?

iON was created to help the various orphanages which have no means of communicating or networking with their counter parts. Research and studies over the last three quarters reveals that the major problem of most of the orphanages is finances. While some of the orphanages are doing well, most of the orphanages are running on a "Lets try to face another day" basis.

Our research also revealed some interesting facts about Donor's, Volounteers and other like minded people. Most of the people though in a position and mindset to donate to orphanages, are not really comfortable of the idea of donating money to organizations/charities which they have not heard of or never seen. Transparency in how and where the money from the donar communnity is going is one of the many reasons why Donars are not donating even though their inner voices cry out to them. To counter this problem, we have introduced a review board and discussion forum for all orphanages. In this portal you will find all information/reviews of an orphanage live from orphanages directly or from people who have visited and organized or participated in projects. iON administration team strives to moderate these discussion forums on a strict mode and reviews each posts and topics along with responses from various teams.

The next factor which made us think in lines of networking all orphanages is lack of coordinated efforts on multiple non-profits working across borders. A five minute search on the internet to onate money to India programs, people will see multiple and organizations in thousands waiting for funds. All of them scream the same message. "We Need Money". Most of the information on the websites is either out of date or not existing any more. While all care is taken care to prune the orphanages that will appear on this website, we will also strive and commit to review all orphanages registered in this website, and make this website and portal the one stop shop for all orphanages working to build a better India.

All revenues generated out of advertisements on this site are managed by a professional accounting team and will be disbursed to needy orphanages on a need-basis.


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