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Your new webpage.
Thanks to the innovative team behind and the wonderful ideas exchanged over the discussion boards, iON is now able to offer a free webpage to all orphanages registered on this site. If you are an orphanage owner and you wish to have your own webpage giving all the user community a snapshot of what your orphanage is about, please click on this contact form and mail us. We will get in touch with you and will setup your webpage. stats
iON - A new initiative
Welcome to iON - a premier listing of all orphanages in India. iON, established in November 2005, is a not for profit organization dedicated to the vast orphanages across the country. Our mission and vision is to form a fraternity of a nationwide network of all orphanages in India. Our mission goes far beyond creating a network. Our mission aims at creating a network which works, lives and breathes the motto of helping each other and to promote efficient and effective means of surviving this changing times. stats
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